Thursday, February 27, 2014


In honor of my last day as a 20-something, I present the 20 best things my 20's gave me:

1. My Hubs 

2. The little yellow house

3. A law degree

4. Re-connecting with family

5. More accessibility to art than I could have dreamed of.

6. The 4-legged love of my life

7. A network of friends far reaching and varied



8. Precious, precious god-children

9. A new place in politics

 Precinct Chair, 4086

10. The humbling experience of writing a eulogy for the best man I've ever known 

11. Twitter. What can I say, i love the news.

12. Co-workers I adore

13. (Limited) gardening experience

14. Really, really good food

15. Watching my mom and step dad follow their dreams of education

16. Falling back in love with Pi Beta Phi and my book club sisters

17. TED talks

18. Helping my city support the arts

19. Really great concerts

20. The confidence to know I can do this

Here's to 30 ya'll!

- the honeybee. 


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