Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Because it's Tuesday.....

And it was a very very good day. 


Monday, August 26, 2013

The weekly beehive

The hubs and I were just laughing about how ridiculously long CVS receipts are when we saw this article. Why do you hate trees CVS?

I have a love for old Fonts/Type, so this tumbler makes me so so happy

We finally saw Book of Mormon last night any HOLY MOLY it was hilarious. Honestly I was laughing so hard there were tears. 

I'm not sure who she is, but her dress at last nights MTV VMA's was impeccable. I could live in this. 

Speaking of the VMA's, do we think Miley is going through an Xtina moment? Because really #ohMiley. Not even putting that filth on my blog. 

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Because it's Tuesday........

And I'm learning that sometimes it doesn't matter if you have the right information or the best strategy because some clients just want a dog and pony show.
And that makes me feel a little like a can-can girl: mostly fluff, lots of jazz hands and some fast shimmying. 

Nobody ever said being a family lawyer was easy. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The weekly beehive

Ever thought about doing a citywide scavenger hunt? This one is coming September 22nd. 

My law school was purchased by Texas A&M University this week. It's been an interesting transition and as an alumni I'm anxious to see what this means for our legal community.

Happy Sunday!
Friday, August 16, 2013

Fresh Art Friday: Christian Haub

A Flot for Doug Ohlson, 2013

Keith Moon Float, year unknown

Untitled, 2011 

A Float for Isaac Guillory, 2013 

All images courtesy of BOMBSITE, which also has a fantastic article about the artist here

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weekend Plans: August 16-18th

All Weekend 

Highland Village Balloon Festival

When: Friday 5-10PM, Saturday 6AM-10PM, Sunday 6AM-10AM
Where: Unity Park, 2200 Briarhill Blvd, Highland Village Texas
Cost: Free admission, plenty of stuff to spend money on :0) 
The Scoop: Probably one of the most fun free things all year. Balloon glows, tethered rides, bands, arts and crafts, activities, 100 car show, and a 5K and so much more will be going on this weekend. 


When: Saturday, at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 
Where: Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, 1206 W FM 1382, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104 
Cost: $3-6
The scoop: Join the Audubon Center staff in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife to learn how to conserve and enjoy water. Demos on irrigation, fishing, water conservation, kids games and plenty of family fun. 

Girl Scout Swap Hop
When: 1-5 PM 
Where: National Cowgirl Museum, 1720 Gendy Street, Fort Worth 76107 
Cost: $5-10
The scoop: Spend a fun afternoon with your girl exploring Girl Scout history, create swaps for the Tough by Nature or Science swap, and swapping with other scouts from the Texas Oklahoma Plains area. Pre-registration required. 


When: Sunday, 5:30 - 8 PM
Where: Marquis on Magnolia, 1227 W. Magnolia, Fort Worth 76014 
Cost: $20 
The Scoop: LOVE the Dish Out! 3 projects focusing on child advocacy will present their proposed project, guests will vote on the project they want to fund. 60% of the funds will go to the nights winner and 40% will be split evenly to the remaining 2 projects. Oh yeah, and you get to eat dinner with like minded 'cow towners' :0) Buy tickets on the web link above. 
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Because it's Tuesday....

And still 102 in Texas. But I really believe that when this song comes on, the A/C in my car works a little bit harder. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

DBC's Weekly Round Up

I ate at the BEST vegetarian restaurant this week while at the Advanced Family Law CLE in San Antonio. If you're in SA, RUN To Green Vegetarian. You won't be disappointed.

Did you know Amazon is selling legit art work now????

On Saturday I attended a great Candidate 101 Training with Annie's List. Annie's List recruits, develops and supports democratic women in their political aspirations. I'm still a few years out from being eligible to run as a Judge, but why not support my fellow woman in her endeavors!

This candle rocks my world.

We had brunch with the Reids but always forget about taking photos so I stole this one from facebook and will pretend this is what they actually wore today :0)

How was your week?


Friday, August 9, 2013

Fresh Art Friday: Perspective

A friend of mind (HI Cindy!!!!) sent me the most beautiful article today that really resonated with me. You can read the whole thing here, but my favorite line from the article notes that the trick is 'Figuring out what you stand for.' AMEN SISTER. The article really challenged me to continue considering why I have this blog, why I operate the way I do, why I approach my clients in the manner that I do.... basically you name it.
So I thought I'd share with you why I do Fresh Art Friday and my struggle with burn out. I LOVE art. I love looking at it. I love the way it speaks for me when I can't find the words. I love how it quiets me and makes me want to dance at the same time. I love sharing it with you.
What I don't love is the way that the museum system and art scholars fill up that glorious space with words. Big ones at that. I think it's intimidating and alientating and unnecessary. 
And sometimes it wears me out too.
Up Against, Cheryl Pope, 2013
So I'm recommitting to Fresh Art Friday with the goal of sharing with you contemporary art that stirs the soul. Minus all the words. I want you to look at the pieces. Figure out why you like them, and more importantly why you dont. And if you can't put a piece down, then dig a little deeper to learn about the artist and movement, but let's refocus on the art of looking again shall we?

Hard roads in Shu 1 (2012), Zhu Jinishi

God particle A (2012), Zhu Jinishi

Inverted illusion (2012), Zhu Jinishi

The reader's words (2012), Zhu Jinishi

Transit of Venus (2012), Zhu Jinishi
Zhu Jinishi is represented by the PearlLam Galleries. You can learn more about this series, The Reality of Paint, here.
Happy weekend!
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekend plans: August 9th - 11th

Hiya!! It's Thursday, so here are some fun ideas to keep you out of trouble this weekend: 


Friday OTG logo2

When: Friday, 7-10 
Where: Magnolia Green Park, 1100 LIpscomb Street, Fort Worth 
Cost: Free!
The Scoop: Grab your blankets, chairs and puppers to enjoy a free community concert. Food trucks and Rahr Beer available for purchase. 


When: Saturday from 9 PM - 12 AM, Free class at 8 PM 
Where: Sammons Center for the Arts, 3630 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas 
Cost: $5-8
The Scoop: Ever find yourself tapping your foot to a great beat and wishing you had moves to match? Join the Dallas Swing Dance Society for a short East Coast Swing class and a night of dancing with some of the best swing dancers in DFW. 

When: Saturday, starting at 10 AM 
Where: Denton Public Library North Branch, 3020 North Locust Street, Denton Texas
Cost: Admission is $1 per person or free for Friends Members. 
The Scoop: The sale raises money for the Denton Public Library programs and materials. Most books $1 or less, or fill up a book bag for just $15. 

When: Saturday at 8:00 PM - 10:30ish 
Where: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1600 Gendy Street, Fort Worth 
Cost: Free!
The scoop: The Nobel Planetarium staff will provide plenty of telescopes and help to navigate the wide open skies. Family friendly. 

Have a fun weekend!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Restaurant Week!


2013 Restaurant Week!!

Wooooohhoooo! It's my favorite time of year: Restaurant Weeeeeeek!!!! This year more than 125 local restaurants will offer prix fixe dinners benefiting the North Texas Food Bank or the Lena Pope Home

north texas food bank logo

Last year alone our community raised more than $760,000 for charity while enjoying lovely meals throughout DFW. This year, the 'week' is actually running from August 12-September 2nd, offering you plenty of opportunities to slip in a reservation. 

So what are my favorite restaurants this year? 

Cost: $35
Yum!: She Crab Soup

Cost: $25 lunch, $45 dinner
Yum!: Red Dirt Dusted Scallops

Cost: $35
Yum!: Pan Roasted Striped Bass. Bonus Yum!: Mascarpone Figs

Cost: $35
Yum!: Polenta, truffled cauliflower and fried eggplant napoleon

Cost: $45
Yum!: Mediterranean Branzini

Cost: $35
Yum!: Peppercorn Beef Tips

Cost: ? Either $35 or $45 
Yum!: Cioppino (OH GOOD HEAVEN)

Truly, restaurant week offers something for everyone and benefits fabulous charities. Don't forget that alcohol and gratuity is not included, and be sure to take care of your servers :0) 



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